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// X1000 Series Industrial Radar: More than Just Ranging //

– Maximum Performance in a Minimum Footprint

The X1000 series of industrial radar sensors are unlike any other commercially available sensors. It is based on our High-Performance technology offering outstanding range resolution, stability and accuracy. Industrial variants of the X1000 series come with full IP67 dust-/waterproof rating and a dual 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface and an extensive ecosystem of lens antennas.

Industrial high-precision & high resolution 126-182 FMCW D band radar sensor for precise ranging, thickness measurement, permittivity measurement, foam density measurement, basis weight monitoring, non destructive testing (NDT), SAR imaging and other end-of-line quality testing applications. It covers the frequency ranges 116 GHz, 120 GHz, 122 GHz, 134 GHz, 141 GHz, 174.8 and 126 to 182 GHz based on RDI-S sub-THz spectroscopy regulation.


2π SENSE technology advances radar resolution by a factor of 56 compared to current ISM band radar sensors.


To suit the need of your most demanding applications 2π SENSE technology provides atomic clock level accuracy.


The 2π SENSE technology was designed with multi-protocol capability and lens antenna exchangability in mind.


2π SENSE is the first D-band ultra wide bandwidth sensor technology designed for CE and FCC compliance.

// X1000 Series Industrial Radar: Sensor Specifications //



Operating Frequency:

126 to 182 GHz* D-band

Sweep Bandwidth:

56 GHz* -3 dB range resolution of 2.4 mm in air


FMCW Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave


1x TRX transceiver, copolar
2x RX receivers (Co-Polar left & right channel or Cross-Polar with embedded OMT) 

Measurement Rate:

Up to 1 kHz at 5.5 m maximum distance and full sweep bandwidth

Temperature Range:

-40°C to +60°C / -40°F to +140°F

Protection Level:

IP67 dust-/waterproof according to IEC 60529

Power Supply:

20 to 55 VDC galv. isolated or
PoE Power-over-Ethernet IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (13W)


Dual 1G Ethernet switched 1 Gigabit Ethernet, TSN ready switch
– Bluetooth Low Energy
PNP Input TTL-Level
PNP Output 3.3V to 55V galv. isolated


SCPI Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments for Raw Data
OPC-UA OPC Unified Architecture 


Collimated 3° HPBW half-power beam-width dielectric lens
F=100mm / F=150mm focal dielectric lens
Custom antennas designed to your needs


Dimensions: 120 mm x 60 mm x 70 mm (L/H/W)
Mounting: 4 through holes for M4 fasteners, 4 blind holes for 3.0 mm dowel pins


Work in progress (subject to change) and planned for 2024:
EU & CEPT: CE “RDI-S” device class according to ECC DEC (22)03
US: FCC Part 18

*: Frequency bands subject to ITU RR 5.340 might be excluded depending on used regulation / national implementation

// X1000 Series Industrial Radar: Accesories & Options //

Industrial Radar - Flexiblity means It's your choice

Our X1000 series industrial radar devices can be equipped with several additional accessories and options. This gives you as an end-user and integrator the possibility to tailor the device performance specific to your application. Additionally, we provide versatile solutions for high precision ranging in demanding distance sensing applications, multilayer thickness analysis, permittivity or foam density measurement, basis weight measurement or non-destructive testing (NDT). 

Keep reading to discover more!

// Industrial Radar Accessories & Options: High Stability Oscillator //

Our high stability oscillator option improves the accuracy and long-term stability of the radar technology used in our X1000 series scientific radar sensors. The overall achieved Stratum 3+ clock accuracy is +/-0.3 ppm initially, enabling true single micrometer level measurement accuracy. The provided temperature stability is +/-100 ppb and long-term stability is +/-320 ppb over 5 years.

This is especially useful in demanding ranging applications where the achievable accuracy of the sensor solution matters.

100PPM Industrial & Scientific Radar High Stability Hardware Option Module
High Stability Hardware Option
Industrial & Scientific Radar Dielectric Lens Antennas
PTFE Dielectric Lens Antennas

// Accessories & Options: Industrial Radar Lens Antennas //

Our X1000 series industrial radar sensors can be equipped with a wide variety of different lens antennas[1]N. Pohl, “A dielectric lens antenna with enhanced aperture efficiency for industrial radar applications10.1109/MECAP.2010.5724171. This allows limitless adaption of the beam characteristics to your specific applications. Besides regular far-field collimated ellpitical lenses with freely customizable opening angle, other options include near-field focus lenses providing lateral spot sizes of a few millimeters. No matter if your application is ranging or non-destructive testing, we have got you covered.

// Accessories & Options: Industrial Radar Mounting Hardware //

For maximum flexibility regarding means of mounting of our X1000 series radar sensors to existing equipment, we provide several different mechanical adapters. Options include e.g. a Thorlabs 50mm metric breadboard grid and 60mm cage system adapter or adapters for fruitcore 5-axis roboters.

Ease of mechanical integration gets you started quickly and lets you worry about the more important issues.

Industrial & Scientific Radar Mount Adapter
Radar Sensor Mounting Plate
Industrial & Scientific Radar Ruggedized Case
Ruggedized Radar Case

// Accessories & Options: Industrial Ruggedized Radar Carry Case //

Our X1000 series industrial radar sensors are ruggedized and water-proof and can withstand very harsh environments. Still, in some cases such as a mobile laboratory setting it is beneficial to have a ruggedized protective case allowing you to effortlessly use our sensors in the field and have them protected during ground or air transport.

With this, we provide you with the ability to get your radar sensor safe to where it’s needed and back.

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